Thee Mark Connor - Cage Warriors 53 Interview.

posted 24 Mar 2013, 06:33 by Master Wang

First off can you tell the good people who you are ? Record, gym, style, sponsors etc. and where, when and who are you fighting next ?

Hi, my name's Mark Connor, pro record 7/8/1, fighting out of  the Griphouse gym/DNFT, my style is "awkward bastard" and my next fight is April 13th on CageWarriors 53 in Glasgow, against Joe Lawrence.

How did you get into Martial arts?

When I was 8 years old, a ninja broke into my house and killed my family. He took me away and raised me as his own, teaching me the way of the ninja.

Favorite martial arts film? And why?

Enter the dragon, because it's just better than all the others.

Are you excited to be fighting for one of the largest promotions in Europe right here in your back garden ?

Yes, CageWarriors is superb and it's always nice to fight on shows who set the standard that others aspire to. The Kelvin Hall is a great venue and I get to spend the night before the fight in my own bed.

How often do you train on the run up to a fight?

9/10 sessions split over 6 days a week.

What sort of weight do you cut? Do you follow any of the major brands of MMA diet (Dolche etc)

The actual water cut could be upto 5kg, the total loss upto 10.
I don't follow any diets - I'm always experimenting.

What does your post weigh in meals consist off? 
Just high carb stuff but trying to avoid being absolutely ridiculous - which is actually quite hard.

What area of your game do you obsess over ?
All of it.

As a coach with your experience can you give .

Best advice for  an arm chair MMA enthusiast, looking to get into the sport?
Find the Mma team with the best competition results in your area, but try a few gyms not just one.

Best advice for someone new to grappling ?
Try and learn to use 1 new technique at a time/avoid reckless fools.

Best advice for someone new to striking?
Get comfortable with getting hit/striking's mostly footwork.

Any final words. Sponsors, FB , twitter 
Get yourselves down to the kelvinhall for CageWarriors 53. It's a card stacked full of talent and it'll be a great night of fights!
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